Tunisian Republic
Tunisian Republic Ministry of Economy and Planning

Address: Rue Salaheddine El Ammami Centre Urbain Nord 1004, Tunis, Tunisia

Phone: +216 70 24 15 00

Fax: +216 71 23 14 00

Email: fipa.tunisia@fipa.tn

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency "FIPA-Tunisia" is a public body created in 1995, under the supervision of the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation. It is responsible for providing the necessary support to foreign investors and promoting foreign investment in Tunisia. FIPA-Tunisia and its offices abroad, certified ISO 9001 since 2003 form a network:

  • Information on investment opportunities in Tunisia and the major reasons making TUNISIA a privileged site for FDI. All useful information on the Tunisian economy, human resources, infrastructure, investment incentives are presented in an abundant documentation in different languages
  • Contact from Tunis or abroad through preliminary prospecting work and specific contact missions to meet the needs of investors. Our approach is to present the Tunisian offer most satisfactory for companies in search of internationalization
  • Advising on the appropriate conditions for the success of projects, the regions of establishment, the investment regimes, the methods of financing
  • Accompanying the investor in his prospecting visits in Tunisia and in the different phases of implementation of his project. Contact programs with Tunisian institutions and enterprises according to the desired sectors of activity and the interests of the investors are elaborated by the FIPA managers
  • Support to improve the sustainability of the company through personalized monitoring and ongoing assistance to the various ministerial departments and Tunisian organizations as well as to regional authorities.

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Address: Rue 7822 N°1 cité Olympique Tunis 1003

Phone: +216 70 248 170

Email: contact@registre-entreprises.tn

Le Centre National du Registre des Entreprises

Le Centre National du Registre des Entreprises est un établissement public à caractère non administratif sous tutelle de la Présidence du Gouvernement crée par la Loi 52-2018 du 29/10/2018 relative au Registre National des Entreprises.

Le Centre National du Registre des Entreprises à pour rôle d’immatriculer et de veiller à la mise à jour des données juridiques des entités économiques en l'occurrence : 

  • Les sociétés commerciales
  • Les commerçants
  • Les métiers libéraux 
  • Les artisans
  • Les associations
  • Les constructions juridiques

Il a pour rôle aussi de:

  • Tenir un registre des bénéficiaires effectifs
  • D’assurer la publication légale des actes de constitution et de modification des entités
  • d’assurer l’interconnexion entre les bases de données établissements publics

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Address: 63, rue de Syrie, 1002 Tunis Belvédère , Tunisia

Phone: +216 71 792 144

Fax: +216 71 782 482

Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation

The Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation is a public establishment, created in 1972, under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and SMEs. It:

  • Implements government policy on the promotion of the industrial sector and innovation as a support structure for businesses and developers.
  • Offers services and products in the form of information, support, assistance, partnership and studies.

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Address: 6, rue Alain Savary, 1003 Tunis Cité El Khadra , Tunisia

Phone: +216 71 771 300

Fax: +216 71 808 453

Email: prom.agri@apia.com.tn

Agency for Promotion of Agricultural Investments

APIA is a non-administrative public institution, established in 1983, whose main mission is the promotion of private investment in agriculture, fisheries and related services, as well as the activities of the first transformation, integrated into Agricultural and Fisheries projects. APIA's services are aimed at farmers, fishermen, young promoters and Tunisian and foreign investors through: - The granting of the financial and fiscal advantages instituted by the Investment Law n ° 2016-71 to the promoters of agricultural projects, fishing, services related to these sectors and primary processing of agricultural products and fishing

  • The identification of investment opportunities and project ideas to be promoted by Tunisian and foreign private operators thus contributing to the achievement of the national objectives assigned to the agricultural sector
  • The assistance of the promoters in the constitution of their investment files and their supervision during the phase of realization of their projects
  • The training of young agricultural promoters and their supervision during the phases of identification, study and realization of their projects in the framework of business incubators and specific training programs
  • Putting Tunisian operators in contact with their foreign counterparts in order to promote partnership projects and trade exchanges
  • The organization of economic events, seminars, information days and partnership meetings
  • Participation in fairs and specialized fairs in Tunisia and abroad
  • The animation of the quality network set up at the level of the various agricultural sectors in collaboration with the inter-professional groups and the National Office of Oil.

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Address: Independence Avenue, 2011 Denden Manouba, Tunisia

Phone: +216 71 610 919

Fax: +216 71 610 922

The National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts

The National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts is a non-administrative public enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts. The main task of the National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts is to implement the State's strategy for the safeguarding and development of the Tunisian handicraft sector, in particular: 

  • Supervising the sector through the establishment of regional structures that assist craftsmen and craft enterprises at the technical and administrative levels.
  • The development of professional skills of human resources in the craft sector.
  • The promotion of Tunisian handicrafts as well as the promotion of the marketing of handicrafts on the national and international markets.
  • The facilitation of the adaptation of the craft enterprises to the requirements of the markets, the new information and communication technologies, and international competition.
  • The promotion of investment and support for the creation of employment in the artisanal sector.
  • The promotion of innovation and creativity and the development of policies for the safeguarding and preservation of the artisanal heritage.
  • Promotion and improvement of quality, by setting up a system of standardization and certification, and technical control of the quality of artisanal products for the local market and for export.
  • The development of international cooperation to implement programs that contribute to the development of the sector.
  • The participation in the design and development of infrastructure to support the development of handicrafts such as craft villages in all governorates.
  • The development of the handicraft industry sector programs of development and the realization of all studies relating to it.

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Address: 1, Av. Mohamed V, 1001 Tunis

Phone: +216 71 120 300

Fax: +216 71 341 145

Email: ontt@ontt.tourism.tn

The Tunisian National Tourist Office

The Tunisian National Tourist Office is a non-administrative public institution with civil status and financial autonomy. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism. The Tunisian National Tourist Office's main mission is to implement the State's tourism strategy, with the following functions:

  • Develop the tourism sector
  • Regulate and control tourist activity
  • Promote the product
  • Provide hotel and tourism training.

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Address: 9 et 13 Rue Chott Mariem – Montplaisir 1002 – Tunis Belvédère

Phone: +216 71 906 795

Fax: +216 71 902 303

Email: afi@planet.tn

The Industrial Land Agency

The Industrial Land Agency is a public establishment, created in 1973 and placed under the authority of the Ministry of Industry, to promote the industrial sector and contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

The Industrial Land Agency's major missions are the following :

  • Creating and developing industrial areas equipped with modern infrastructure,
  • Constructing adjustable industrial buildings to be rent or sold to Tunisian and foreign investors.

The Industrial Land Agency's objectives are as follows :

  • To reinforce the industrial sector by setting up new industrial zones
  • To ensure a high-quality infrastructure that meets international requirements
  • To find a balance between industrial development and environmental protection
  • To improve the quality of life in the industrial zones.

The Industrial Land Agency's activities cover the following aspects :

  • Survey and choice of the site to be developed
  • Undertaking the required procedures to buy the land sites
  • Providing assistance to the contractors assigned to the site development works
  • Commercialization of the developed zones.

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Address: 30, Rue Alain SAVARY

Direction Générale de Financement des Investissements et des Organismes Professionnels Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Hydrauliques et de la Pêche

Address: 36, Rue Zambritta, Cité les pins, les berges du lac 2, 1053, Tunis

Phone: +216 71 268 316

Email: contact@igppp.tn

Public-Private Partnership Authority

The Public-Private Partnership Authority is a public authority specialized in concession and public-private partnership contracts under the supervision of the Presidency of the Government whose objectives are to minimize the risks and to strengthen the capacities of the public persons in terms of concession contracts and partnership contracts.

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Address: 07, Rue Abou Hamed El Ghazali, Jardins du Japon, Montplaisir 1073 Tunis, Tunisia

Phone: +216 71 905 999

Email: cdc@cdc.tn

La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC)  is a public institution, created in 2011, with the main objective of  supporting state policies. The CDC distinguishes itself by its unique  economic model characterized by its mode of governance, its investment  doctrine and its risk management Its status gives it the role of key  player in the economic and social development of Tunisia to serve the  interest on a long-term horizon.

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