Tunisian Republic
Tunisian Republic Ministry of Economy and Planning

Declaration Service

The declaration service allows you to enter the single declaration to declare your investment project : creation, extension, renewal in all sectors.


Filing a Request

This service allows you to file your requests throughout the course of realization of your investment project in Tunisia. In coordination with the structures concerned, a response will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Incentive Request

Studying requests for financial incentives for projects of more than 15 million Tunisian dinars and national priority projects to issue an opinion on granting financial incentives for projects of 15 million Tunisian Dinars or more. Follow the files in coordination with the relevant structures.

Filing of a request for an extension of the deadlines for executing the project.


Deposit of a Project of National Interest

Study, evaluate, and monitor projects of national priority.


Legal Incorporation

This service allows you to remotely complete all the formalities required to obtain the legal file of your company. Without having to go onsite and on the basis of a complete file and the single declaration, the single contact will coordinate with the administrations concerned back office to perform the various procedures for the creation of your company.


Authorization request

This service allows you to complete the necessary formalities remotely to obtain the requested authorizations.