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Prosper Africa

15 Décembre 2020

US firms rank 15th in terms of direct investment in Tunisia, 10th in terms of employment and 9th in terms of number of locally based companies with an investment (FDI) over 162 million USD, providing until 2019 over 12 000 jobs. During 2019-2020, TIA received about 5 expansion operations and one new project amounted an envelope of 91 million USD, aiming to create about 3,667 new jobs.

These investments targeted the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, paper manufacturing and power generation sectors.AmCham - TIA will highlight US investment in Tunisia and promote the U.S. Government’s Prosper Africa toolkit to enhance international investment in the country. Available tools include market intelligence, business matchmaking, feasibility studies, and financing.

The webinar will promote available resources to US companies that have already invested in Tunisia and may be interested in expanding with Prosper Africa support. COVID's longer-term effect on delocalization may well benefit Tunisia, supported by USG resources to support and guide the private sector strategically.

AmCham- TIA, supported by the State Department, Commercial section, will feature a representative from the Prosper Africa Executive Secretariat who will provide an overview of the initiative, its toolkit, and developments since the February 2020 Prosper Africa Tunisia Conference.