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An online Ambassadorial Roundtable Webinar

21 Janvier 2021

📣TIA Meetup Embassies Event

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🔴 An online Ambassadorial Roundtable Webinar, co-hosted by #TIA and the Embassy of #Tunisia in #Norway, took place today Thursday 21st January 2021. The meeting is part of the “Meetup Embassies Initiative” recently launched by TIA.

🔴The objective of today’s meeting is to build a bridge with the Norwegian business community by setting up this platform of exchange between business communities and creating a dynamic to boost economic relations and increase the flows of trade and investments between the two countries.

🔴The event was a good opportunity to hear directly from Norwegian companies operating in Tunisia, share their experiences on different matters related to doing business with Tunisia, have an open discussion with Tunisian representatives and how to help them achieve their objectives successfully in Tunisia. A proper follow up will be made to the issues raised and other meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis.

🔴Distinguished speakers attended the meeting namely HE Mrs. Amel Ben Younes, Ambassador of Tunisia to Norway, HE Mr. Knut Langeland, Ambassador of Norway to Tunisia, Mr. Hassine Doghri, Honorary Counsel General of Norway to Tunisia and Mr. Beligh Ben Soltane, Chairman of Tunisia Investment Authority and moderated by Mr. Anis Morai, Journalist at #RTCI.