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Investment Support & facilitation in Tunisia: TIA's mission and support services

13 Avril 2021

Tunisian-German economic relations can build on many years of fruitful cooperation.

“Made in Germany” is a label that is associated with high quality in Tunisia and many of the priorities of the Tunisian government match what German companies have to offer” was the main topic discussed during the roundtable organized by the German Near & Middle East Association "NUMOV" with the presence of H.E Mrs. Hanene Tajouri, Ambassador of Tunisia to Germany, Mr. Beligh Ben Solatne, Chairman of TIA and Mrs. Saida Kahouli, FIPA representative - Köln Office.

The event was a great opportunity to have an open discussion with German companies and to highlight the opportunities that Tunisia offers to German companies looking for developing their businesses in priority sectors based on the major key assets of Tunisia.